Taking Care of your Jewellery


Maintain the appearance of your jewellery by storing items separately in a sealed plastic bag.
Store your jewellery in a discreet place for security purposes.


For a light clean, wipe jewellery with a soft cloth.
To clean jewellery more thoroughly use a diluted solution of detergent and hot water. Soak for 5mins then scrub lightly behind the setting with a soft brush. Rinse well with clean water and dry completely.
Knights the Jewellers will also ultrasonic clean your jewellery on any occasion, this service when possible will be completed while you wait, all we ask is a gold coin donation to our St Johns collection tin. Cleaning cloths and solutions are available for sale in our store.


Remember that despite diamonds being extremely hard, they are precious
and can be damaged. Also, gold is a relatively soft metal and damaging the setting can compromise the safety of the stones.
Avoid wearing your jewellery during activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening and particularly sporting and gym activities.
Apply cosmetics and perfumes before putting on your jewellery.
Polish your jewellery with a soft cloth after wear. Use soft fabrics such as velvet and cotton, as rougher materials like paper and polyester will impart fine scratches.

Jewellery Cleaning

Ongoing Care

Bring your jewellery into Knights the Jewellers every 6-12 months to have it professionally cleaned. We can fine emery and rouge polish platinum and yellow gold and rhodium plate white gold. We will also ensure that all settings are secure, and recommend any maintenance required.





Contact us if you have questions or would like your Jewellery cleaned.

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