If you have a question that is not shown, please contact us so we may assist you.

We can help you redesign your jewellery into a piece that will suit you, we have an artist Monty Knight (Monty is a sign writer by trade and has also attended a jewellery drawing course with Rex Steel Merten a world famous Jewellery Designer) who can sketch you a picture to suit your requirements and then we would get handcrafted by our Manufacturing Jeweller. You are able to use all your old gold and stones provided they are in good condition. Gold can be melted and blended to 9 or 18ct depending on what you desire so don’t worry if you have different colours or grades of gold it can still be used.

So email, phone 09 408 1188 to make a Skype appointment, or call into the store.

Not all our stock is shown online, so if there is a specific watch (or any jewellery item for that matter) you are looking for, please contact our friendly customer service team or phone our Kaitaia store on 09 408 1188 – as we may have it in stock. Alternatively if it is out of stock we can call our suppliers to fill your request.

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When shopping for a diamond it is an advantage to have an idea of how much you want to spend, once you have decided on your budget then we can help you select the right stone. There are several different sizes with many different cuts, colours and clarities available.

If you are interested in learning more about diamonds send me an email and I will be happy to give you a call to discuss or click here.

There are several options for jewellery valuations but we recommend that you use a qualified registered Appraiser.  It is also essential you obtain an up-to-date appraisal of your jewellery and other valuable items every two to three years. Knights The Jewellers are a independently owned store that can arrange a valuation for you for insurances purposes.

You can have any design for a engagement ring but traditionally a single diamond solitaire is called a engagement ring. Another tradition is for family to hand down their engagement ring to sons or daughters – this also can be used as a engagement ring but you should have all the settings checked and any repairs done to restore the ring as over time the setting or band may have worn.

If the ring is unable to be restored to its original state then we can help you to redesign using the stones and metal into a new or similar ring. It is also vital you get your rings valued for insurance purposes.

The best way to get a accurate ring size is to pop in to your nearest jewellery store and have you finger measured by sizing rings. In New Zealand we have ring sizes by letter rather than numbers.

For more advice on finger sizing when unable to go into a store, click here to open our Ring Size Guide.