Direct Diamond Importers

The Four Cs of diamonds

Antwerp has been the heart of the diamond trade since the 15th century. As a Nationwide Jeweller, Knights The Jewellers has the privilege of visiting the offices of Antwerp’s world renowned diamond cutters.

As your direct diamond importer, in the world’s diamond capital – Knights The Jewellers has access to an exceptional selection of diamonds found only in Antwerp (Belgium). We spend several days searching through parcel after parcel for just the right diamond for you. By going directly to the cutter, we are able to find the exact diamond you are looking for.

Antwerp diamond cutters benefit from the experience of generations of craftsmen to help them achieve the greatest brilliance from each diamond.

Knights The Jewellers take the Four C’s of “Cut”, “Colour”, “Clarity” and “Carat” weight very seriously. Through experience and continued education, we put our diamond knowledge to work for you: our customer. This helps us to pick out the whitest, brightest and most beautiful diamonds. The Four C’s are only a way to classify a diamond based on characteristics and measurements. To truly appreciate a diamond’s beauty, it has to be seen – that’s why having a nationwide jeweller you can trust is very important.

Adeline Knight is your New Zealand based diamond broker working directly with Antwerp’s finest diamond cutters to find the perfect stone for you.

She travels to Antwerp, Belgium twice a year to purchase diamonds for her customers, so if you would like a stone selected and purchased just for you – contact Adeline directly to arrange a personal visit or Skype call to discuss your requirements.

Adeline Knight

Adeline Knight
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