Find your ring size

If you are purchasing a ring for yourself, you may already know your ring size – or you can print out our Ring Size Guide to help you. If you are purchasing a ring for someone else, you can either bring that ring to us instore (making sure you have the ring that fits the finger you want it to be worn on) or print out our guide and find your match.

If in doubt, please contact us so we can help you – as ring size is important – and will differ from person to person and fingers.

The best way to size a finger is to have it sized using ‘sizing rings’ – we have a set in our Commerce Street store – of if you can’t make it to us, call into your closest jeweller for an accurate size, then tell us what that size is.


  1. Print our Ring Size Guide.
    Important: Make sure you select to print at 100% or “no page scaling” (check your printer settings)
  2. Choose a ring that fits perfectly onto the finger you intend it to be worn on
  3. Place the ring over the ring size circles shown on the Ring Size Guide to find your match
  4. If the ring appears to be in between two shown sizes, it is best to order the larger size (it can always be resized later if necessary*)
  5. Double and triple check you have done all of the above before ordering your ring

* Charges may apply


Ask the family and friends of the person you are buying for if they know their ring size, or borrow one of his/her rings (from the correct finger), print our Ring Size Guide (at 100%) and try to match the ring to a standard size.

If in doubt, always order bigger – or phone our friendly team on 09 408 1188 for assistance.