Insurance Valuations

We recommend everyone to read their policy very carefully to see what limits are placed on Jewellery cover.
We see many people with their treasured jewellery and watches for valuations. What sometimes comes up in conversation is the fact that they have other items at home, but that they fall under their insurance policy’s single item value, so the assumption is that they don’t need to have them formally valued for their insurance.

This is true. Many insurance companies do not require that you have these catalogued in a professional insurance schedule.

However – and here’s what you should know…..

If you make a claim and you don’t have your original receipt along with a photograph of you wearing your item(s), there is a very strong chance that you’ll get NOTHING.

The onus is on you to prove ownership. An old photograph of you once wearing something that is a bit blurry or unclear will not cut the mustard.

We highly recommend that when you have your jewellery and watches valued for insurance, you also add in those other items that might not be worth as much, but that you would want to replace or be financially compensated for in the event of a theft, damage of loss.

Having all your beloved possessions professionally catalogued, photographed and given a replacement value means your insurance company will struggle to wiggle out of a genuine claim.

It’s stressful enough when you have a loss due to fire, accident or theft, the last thing you want to do is have a protracted debate with your insurance company to settle your claim. The suggestions above will help you avoid that.

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